New feature: Size comparison and track sizes

We live in a small apartment, so I felt the need myself for some functionality that help people choose a car when space is an issue.

Today I therefore added two things:

Size comparison, so you right away can see how big a car is compared to two average people. Hopefully easier to work with than just knowing length is 40 cm etc.

Here size comparison for the Arrma Felony. The gray box is the size of the car seen from the side:

RC size comparison, Arrma Felony

The second new functionality is track sizes, so you can see how much space you will need if you want to build a track for the kind of car you are considering.

Here the track sizes for a 1/10 touring car:

RC track sizes for 1/10 touring cars

Track sizes for a 1/10 monster truck which require a bit more space than a touring car:

RC track sizes for 1/10 monster trucks

Even if you just want to do some bashing and don’t plan on building a track, you can hopefully still use the sizes to see how much space you need for bashing around 💪

PS: Studying the track sizes, I concluded my next car should be 1/24 if I want to bash in the apartment 😐