New Feature: Compare tire and wheel widths

About a month ago I added diagrams for comparing tire and wheel diameters. Today the diagram got a bit bigger as they now show both diameters and widths (where the data is available).

Here’s the updated tire/wheel diagram for a Kyosho Inferno:

Tire and wheel width for the Kyosho Inferno

Both tire diameter and width are available, so both the tire/wheel is shown both from the side and from above. Same for the average 1/8 buggy rear wheel, while the average front wheel is missing the view from above since the average width isn’t available for the front wheel (it’s available for the rear wheel which is why there is an above view for the rear wheel).

The tire/wheel diagram has also become bigger when comparing cars. Here the updated diagram for comparing the Kyosho from above with 2 other buggies:

Tire and wheel width when comparing RC cars