New Feature: Compare RC Car Ground Clearance

Following up on the first brutal functionality from a few days ago, RC Donkey now also has ground clearance diagrams.

Why? Because ground clearance is super important when you drive into the terrain and want to avoid getting stuck in the grass ?

Compare the ground clearance for each car with the average ground clearance for similar cars (same scale and type).

Here’s the Traxxas Hoss compare with the average 1:10 monster truck (imagine you are seeing the truck from the front):

Product ground clearance

When you compare several cars, RC Donkey now also has a diagram that shows you how the selected cars compare in relation to ground clearance.

Here’s how the ground clearance of the Hoss compares to an Arrma Typhon buggy. Check out how the Arrma buggy has a much lower ground clearance than the monster truck:

Compare ground clearance