New Feature: Add and edit cars

Some people have asked for an option to add cars to the site, so I have implemented exactly such a function. Find it here.

Add car

When you want to add a new cars, simply fill out as many of the fields as possible (it’s perfectly ok if you can’t fill out everything). When you are done, click Submit.

I’ll get a notification and then I’ll take a look at your submission + get it added to the site ?

If you find a mistake in some of the existing specs or want to add specs to an existing car, you can also do that now.

Just go to the car you want to edit and click the “Edit specs” link.

Edit car specs

The “Edit specs” link work similar to adding new cars. I’ll again get a notification, take a look at your submission and get the updated specs added to the site.

Hope lots of people will help out making the specs as complete as possible ?